MgO-C Bricks for Ladle

For Soar MgO-C bricks, high-purity and high-density fused magnesite, large crystal fused magnesite, and high-purity graphite are used as the main raw materials. The special additives and the appropriate antioxidants are added. Phenolic resin and high-efficient adhesives are binders. This brick is machine- pressed.

This product is mainly used in working linings such as ladle slag zones, sidewalls and bottoms. It could significantly increase the service life of ladles. Especially when it is applied in slag line, its service life could be significantly higher than that of other refractory materials. The product has the advantages of high strength, good slag resistance and good thermal shock resistance. Different types of MgO-C bricks could be selected according to different smelting conditions and steel grades.

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