Research and Innovation

At the very beginning, to innovate technology continuously has already become the endogenous driving force of the company’s development. We made "innovating technology and leading in the future" to our motto. Our company has successively established the college-enterprise partnerships with the universities such as Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and has introduced many professionals and technical personnel with postgraduate qualifications and senior engineer qualifications. Our company has developed a number of industry-leading high-temperature refractory products independently, such as unburned slide gate plate without oil immersion. This could not only achieve substantial improvements in product formulation and quality, but the production process has also realised a great improvement in green and sustainable development. By adjusting the product formula and production process, traditional "sintering, oil immersion and roasting" process has been less applied. The products have longer service life and lower consumption compared to traditional ones. Thanks to the green and environmental technology in the production process, there is no exhaust gas. We have already reached the leading level among domestic competitors. The ladle casting products manufactured by Soar Refractory are more widely marketed. The lower-priced alumina bauxite replaced corundum for over 80%. The production and using costs are significantly reduced, without having an negative affect on the service life and safety. Meanwhile, we are paying more attention to recycle and reduce wasting resources. This is widely appreciated by our customers. In 2016, our company has established a high-tech R&D center, where we have already invested more than 1.5 million US Dollars in till now. Until August 2019, our company's R&D department implemented more than thirty technological innovations and have ten patents for inventions and utility models.

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