Self-flow Castables

The self-flow castable is made of corundum, spinel and ultra-fine powder and is matched with suitable binders, water-reducing agents and admixtures. Under its self-weight, it could be degassed and leveled without vibration so as to become compact. The product has an appropriate setting and hardening time. It saves labor and effort. Its handling easy and convenient and it has high strength, long service life, high-temperature resistance, good thermal shock stability, corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. Corundum self-flow castable is divided into low cement, ultra-low cement and non-cement castables. This product is widely applied. It is suitable for filling the ladle bottoms, around the well blocks, and the EAF roof. Mullite self-flow material and high-alumina self-flow material are suitable for ladle and tundish permanent linings, sealing up water-cooling tubes, roof and sidewall of heating furnace. In addition, self-flow materials could also be applied in mechanized construction.

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